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What is the Fit Track Smart Scale?

The Fit track is a smart scale that uses dual bioelectrical impedance technology by combining data from intracellular and extracellular fluid balances in the body.  It uses the measurements to calculate a slew of health metrics.  I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with this smart scale.  I love all of the information it gives me and allows me to track so I can stay on track.

What does it measure?

  1. Metabolic age: It factors body structure, BMR (basal metabolic rate) and muscle mass.  You want your metabolic age to be close or below your actual age.  If it is higher than you actual age then you have some improvements to make in your health.
  2. It keeps track of your Body Water % to help avoid dehydration.
  3. It measures BMR (basal metabolic rate- the amount of calories needed for everyday living)
  4. Visceral Fat which is fat deep and around the abdomen.  High visceral fat has a direct correlation to heart disease and diabetes.  This is BAD fat!
  5. Subcutaneous Fat which is less harmful than visceral fat.  Breast tissue is an example of subcutaneous fat.
  6. BMI (Body mass index)  The higher your BMI, the higher the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and death
  7. Bone mass which deteriorates as we age
  8. Muscle Mass is an important measurement.  The more muscle mass we carry, the more calories we burn at rest.
  9. Muscle Weight
  10. Protein Mass is how much protein you are carrying in your body.  And as we know, protein is essential for building muscle
  11. Body Weight


Fit Track Smart Scale is FDA approved!!!Fit Track Smart Scale and app

The amount of health metrics it provides is invaluable to those wanting to track their fitness and health progress.  It saves all of your info in the app so you can track it over a period of time and see the trends.

Fit Track Atria 2.0 Smart Watch

This smart watch connects to the Fit track scale and the i-phone app.  It provides more data to help track progress.

The watch measures blood oxygen levels, body temperature, HR and step counts.  It monitors sleep habits which is so very important in relation to health.  The watch has 17 sport modes so it is great for any level of athlete or non-athlete.

The Atria Smart Watch is waterproof, contains a GPS in the app and has a 6 day battery life!!

There really is nothing bad to say about this product.  Fit Track has gone above and beyond to provide you with the important metrics needed to track your progress.  Whether you are wanting to lose weight or gain muscle, it provides you with all the measurements you need to stay on track!

Atria Smart Watch 2.0


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