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Why are health and fitness so important???  Well, we only have 1 life!!!  Yep, that’s right.  We don’t get do-overs. So we might as well make it the best we can and feel good living it. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to put our health on the back burner with all the stresses and responsibilities we have today. Life seemed more simple 20-30 years ago!!!

We have all this new technology and opportunities that we didn’t have then.  Life is busy with family, work, social lives, etc.   So how do we build time in our crazy lives to make time for exercise???  Well, it’s the little things, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking in the furthest parking spot, even just doing some squats or sit-ups in front of the television is something.  Over time, all the little things add up to bigger things. Here I share health and fitness tips

Most people always groan when I tell them that the diet is key.  You can exercise all day long and still out eat your workout.  I also hear the excuse that it’s expensive to eat healthy and takes too much time.  But honestly, it’s not too expensive.  It’s portion control.  It’s prepping your food ahead of time and keep it with you.

I can get 10-12 meals per week out of a large pack of chicken breast in 4oz portions for $10.  Add in your sides to each meal of a small amount of carbs and lots of veggies and you can get away with spending about $3-4/meal.  That’s a lot less than a Burger meal at McDonald’s today!!!

health and fitness tips

My goal with this blog is to teach you how to make these changes and see that these are only myths.  Our excuses can be overcome!! And ANYBODY can do this!!!  I do want to touch on the mental fitness in this journey as well because they all go hand in hand. If you need someone to help hold you accountable or to help you get started, consider one of the programs I offer.

If you are depressed, you don’t want to exercise and you may want to overeat or under-eat. All bad for your health and fitness. If you don’t exercise or eat right then you feel sluggish and bad about yourself.  So you see, you can’t really have one without the other.  My goal is to improve both at the same time through health and fitness tips.  And only then will you be able to turn this into a lifestyle!!